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Correlated Nanoelectronics and the Second Quantum Revolution

Correlated Nanoelectronics

Strongly correlated electronic materials and quantum transport of nanoelectronic systems are areas of research that have traditionally followed non-intersecting paths.  With the development of complex-oxide heterostructures and nanostructures, a nascent field of Correlated Nanoelectronics has emerged. 

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Levylab Undergrads Interviewing Themselves

Maya Bostock interviews herself and fellow undergraduates about what it's like to do research in Jeremy Levy's laboratory. Featuring Aaron Greenberg, Joe Albro, Carl Wilson, Edan Alpern, Phil Shenk.

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Electron pairing and nematicity in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 nanostructures 

Strongly correlated electronic systems exhibit a wealth of unconventional behavior stemming from strong electron-electron interactions. The LaAlO3/SrTiO3 (LAO/STO) heterostructure supports rich and varied low-temperature transport characteristics...