Opportunities at LevyLab

Opportunities to become involved in research are available at all levels, from undergraduate research to postdoctoral fellows. If you are interested in learning more, please see the sections below or contact us directly.


We have a long history of undergraduate research in the laboratory.  If you are a Freshman, there is the First Experiences in Research Program that can support your research in the Spring term.  Many students wind up continuing their research in the summer.  Please contact Jeremy directly if you are interested in participating in our research program.

Graduate Students

We are taking new graduate students every year.  If you are interested in applying to our graduate program, please see the department’s website.

If you are currently a graduate student at Pitt and would like to become involved in research in LevyLab please contact Jeremy.

PostDoctoral Fellows

Postdoc position(s) are available within LevyLab for experimental and theoretical activities.  Please contact Jeremy to inquire about specific opportunities.  Any application should include a cover letter, CV, and at least three references.